Samsung: the biggest event in history will be held on July 10th in Paris!

After throwing Galaxy S24 at Unpacked last January 17, marking the beginning of a new era for mobile artificial intelligence with Galaxy AI, Samsung is preparing for a new event, the traditional summer event where the new foldable smartphones will be presented, which will be broadcast live in Paris next week.

This is an unusual launch date for the Korean company, which usually launches its products in mid-August, but this year Samsung is among the sponsors of the Paris 2024 Olympics and wants to be in the race before the others, showing a once again its potential in the field of Tech innovation.

From Galaxy Z Flip6 and Z Fold6, to the new Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 Ultra to the new Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds3 Pro models, arriving at the highly anticipated announcement of Samsung's first smart ring: Galaxy Ring with its functions to extend data on Fitness and Health that a smart watch can already monitor, will practically be the largest and most important event in Samsung history so far.

I will publish articles on individual products from this afternoon to accompany the approach to the event, but I can tell you in advance that from the event logo it can be deduced that once again the protagonist will be the Galaxy AI artificial intelligence, which could see new functions born on the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 especially in the applications which, on the Fold, allow the use of the S Pen. I also expect interesting implementations on the fitness and health side, given the release of an Ultra version, the first in terms of precision, of ùGalaxy Watch and even more so given the debut on the market of smart rings with Galaxy Ring. In short, there will be much, much to discover!

Generally, the summer Galaxy Unpacked is also a stage for the launch of the Galaxy Tab tablets, which should reach their tenth version this year; however, Galaxy Tab S10 has never been mentioned by the rumors among the possible products; either it went unnoticed because apart from a processor update it will not bring particularly relevant innovations worthy of speculation or Samsung, for this year, will not update its Tablet range, repeating what already happened in 2021, the summer in which the Galaxy Tab S8 did not saw the light and was postponed to February 2025, together with Galaxy S22.

How to follow Galaxy Unpacked on August 10 with KNGTech?

As usual, I am always ready to offer you users total coverage of the event, in order to tell you in real time about the news presented in this case by Samsung. However, for this occasion I will use the same format that I used for theGoogle I/O, here are all the news, in real time! last May 14th.

Due to the low turnout of spectators at previous events, I will no longer broadcast the event in live video on Twitch, with simultaneous translation in real time; however there will be a Live Blog right on this site, therefore a constantly updated article that will show you in real time what I write about the event, and then delve into the individual news in separate articles after the conference.

This way you can read the news and comment on the article without having to stay tuned to a video.

I will try to update the KNGWorld app to support this type of viewing, otherwise you will have to watch the whole thing by going to this website in your browser. I will post more info as the event gets closer.

Ready to discover Samsung's news for this summer?

Let me know what you expect below in the comments!

By Karim

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